Turini’s Life

Our innovation owes much to the work of opinion leaders in urology, dermatology, gynaecology and andrology. Prof. Damiano Turini has been the single greatest contributor to our research: his studies on the role of TRP channels in urology established the scientific basis on which Safi Swiss Research’s products are developed. For decades, Prof. Turini taught at the departments of Medicine at the universities of Florence and Ferrara.


Turini’s Studies

One of the main exogenous agonists of TRP channels is capsaicin, the molecule responsible for the irritating compound in hot chili peppers and an important ingredient in our products. While Prof. Turini concentrated on TRP channels, inflammation, and aging, the progress of the scientific research has led to the development of important products with antiviral, antibacterial, and immunomodulatory activity.


The Idea

Safi’s approach to R&D is based on three fundamental principles: 

1-Make use of Prof. Turini’s decades of research on TRP channels to ensure a selective therapeutic approach to the relevant pathologies as well as maximise the cellular uptake of less-absorbed molecules. 

2-Exploit the flexibility allowed by the non-pharmaceutical nature of the products, which is advantageous also to patients: Safi’s products have a lower risk profile with respect to pharmaceuticals (fewer contraindications). 

3-Employ active ingredients innovatively to pioneer and stay ahead of the competition. 



TRPs (Transient Receptor Potential) were discovered in a blind strain of Drosophila melanogaster. These findings paved the way to the discovery of the first mammalian TRP channels, which work as sensors for several different stimuli. These channels are involved in physiological and pathological processes, and as a result, researchers began to investigate them new therapeutic targets. Twenty-eight different isoforms have been identified, which have then been subdivided into six subfamilies. One of the most important receptors is TRPV1, belonging to vanilloid family (the group of TRP channels activated by vanilloid molecules). Targeting TRPV1 with capsaicin desensitises them and blocks neurogenic inflammations, leading to the improvement of multiple disorders.

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